Airbus DS公司:將與德國合作開發Future Combat Air System (FCAS)未來空戰系統

時間: 2016年6月20日.

Airbus Defence and Space (DS)防務和航太公司將與德國合作開發Future Combat Air System (FCAS)未來空戰系統以因應未來需求和威脅,計畫取代德國空軍

Panavia Tornado戰機和Eurofighter Typhoon戰機,目前已知FCAS戰機可能採用多種平台包括載人和無人的最新設計將在2030~2040年服役.

Future Combat Air System (FCAS)未來空戰系統想像圖.

An illustrative rendition of what the FCAS might look like. Airbus is currently working with the German government to define future requirements and threats as it looks to refine its concept for the platform. (Airbus DS)


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