法國DCNS公司:第2艘Normandie(D651)號FREMM多功能護衛艦-首次搭載法國Nexter系統公司Narwhal 20公厘機砲遙控武器系統

時間: 2014年3月13日.

第2艘Normandie(D651)號FREMM多功能護衛艦,首次搭載法國Nexter系統公司Narwhal 20公厘機砲遙控武器系統並安裝在直昇機庫上方左右船舷.


Nexter系統公司Narwhal 20公厘機砲遙控武器系統,操作情形影片連結:


Normandie(D651)號FREMM多功能護衛艦搭載Narwhal 20公厘機砲遙控武器系統位置.

The latest images of FREMM Normandie sea trials released by DCNS show for the first time the Narwhal Remote Weapon System installed on a French Navy FREMM. Building on its experience gained with light naval mounts for small craft (15A/15B) and with technologies implemented for turreted canon for helicopters, Nexter Systems developed the remote-controlled naval gun mount known as Narwhal in the 20mm configuration.

Nexter系統公司Narwhal 20公厘機砲遙控武器系統.


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